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Rebel Dragon

What value is freedom when you can't even ride a dragon?

The Taliesin Affair

Maliha Anderson is at boarding school in England and when one of the girls is brutally she begins her first case.


They stopped the monsters, but at what cost? Who's going to stop them?


Two thousand years ago, fleeing their Slissac masters, the Taymalin stole a new land from its indigenous people.

Maliha Anderson Mysteries (Volume 1)

Get books one to three of the Maliha Anderson Mysteries together in one volume.

Thunder Over the Grass

1909. Maliha Anderson heads to South Africa to return Riette's daughter to her grandparents.

Under the Burning Clouds

1909: Maliha Anderson is rather surprised to find she is alive after being thrown out of the voidship by Valentine, her fiancé.

Harry Takes Off

Two sisters. One ornithopter. The African Savannah. And one Army.

Harry in the Wild

1896 in a world where airships fill the skies.

Harry Gets Her Wings

Harry and Sellie are at home when the building comes crashing down around them.

The Chinese Vase

Captain Qi Zang and her motley crew, aboard the Chinese ice freighter Frozen Beauty make landfall in Delhi, and run straight into British Customs officers.

Dr Morbury's Cargo

An airship off course. A crew losing their marbles. A creeping horror.

Broken Vows

A tragic action-romance featuring Barbara Flynn, fifty years before the events of the Maliha Anderson series

Journey into Space, 1874

When the Royal Navy launch their first modified Sea Eagle air-plane into the Void they believe they are the first to make the attempt.