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What value is freedom when you can't even ride a dragon?

As the life of a slave goes, Kantees doesn't have it too bad. Being responsible for a racing dragon means her existence is more than just drudgery and fear, even if her life is at the whim of her masters and their rules.

But when her dragon wakes her in the middle of the night Kantees is forced to make a life-or-death decision that breaks her masters' rules and means her life is forfeit.

Escaping on the back of dragons, with a hodge-podge of unwelcome associates, she attempts to put right a wrong that can never be corrected. Until, ultimately, she must put her own life on the line to keep the freedom she stole for herself.

Release date: 
Tue, 19 Sep 2017

Works in Progress

Battle Dragon

60000 of 60000 words


Heretic Dragon

70000 of 70000 words


The Taliesin Affair

107000 of 99000 words