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A tragic action-romance featuring Barbara Flynn, fifty years before the events of the Maliha Anderson series

BARBARA FLYNN's only skills are embroidery and being a snob. She and her nagging mother find themselves in the middle of a terrible siege without even a change of clothes. With the threat of painful death on all sides she must fend for herself and her mother.

Lieutenant ANGUS FERGUSON, of the British Army has only one duty: keeping the civilians alive in terrible circumstances. As the only survivor from a Scotsman regiment he is driven to succeed.

Set in Indian in 1857 this is a powerful, tragic tale of love, lust and loss in a Victorian world that is slightly different to the one we know. In a place where death could strike at any moment and physical love is forbidden. Passion should be the furthest thing from anyone's mind.

Release date: 
Thu, 30 Apr 2015

Works in Progress

Battle Dragon

0 of 60000 words


Heretic Dragon

61738 of 70000 words


The Taliesin Affair

107000 of 99000 words


Harry Goes to Italy

65000 of 65000 words


Outlaw Dragon

70000 of 70000 words


Rebel Dragon

65000 of 65000 words