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Harry Takes Off

Two sisters. One ornithopter. The African Savannah. And one Army.

Ladies' Day

Why are things never simple? Captain Qi Zang and her crew are on their way from Delhi to Kerala when their ice cargo ship is brought down in a storm.

Wind in the East

When someone commits suicide in the middle of an Indian wedding ceremony, Maliha Anderson decides she has to investigate.

The Chinese Vase

Captain Qi Zang and her motley crew, aboard the Chinese ice freighter Frozen Beauty make landfall in Delhi, and run straight into British Customs officers.

Maliha Anderson Mysteries (Volume 1)

Get books one to three of the Maliha Anderson Mysteries together in one volume.

Journey into Space, 1874

When the Royal Navy launch their first modified Sea Eagle air-plane into the Void they believe they are the first to make the attempt.

I have one hell of a publishing schedule outlined for the coming year: one book every month of which eight will be novellas and four will be novels. And all of those will be in the Voidships steampunk universe.