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The Taliesin Affair

Maliha Anderson is at boarding school in England and when one of the girls is brutally she begins her first case.

The choice of location for her interview with the ex-Foreign Office representative was a difficult one. Eventually he had suggested the Lyons Tea Rooms located in the heart of the shopping district if the Compound.

The Computationer

The Faraday Cage Anthology

Harry in Italy

Under the Burning Clouds

1909: Maliha Anderson is rather surprised to find she is alive after being thrown out of the voidship by Valentine, her fiancé.

Dr Morbury's Cargo

An airship off course. A crew losing their marbles. A creeping horror.

Harry in the Wild

1896 in a world where airships fill the skies.

Thunder Over the Grass

1909. Maliha Anderson heads to South Africa to return Riette's daughter to her grandparents.

Broken Vows

A tragic action-romance featuring Barbara Flynn, fifty years before the events of the Maliha Anderson series