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maliha anderson

The Taliesin Affair

Maliha Anderson is at boarding school in England and when one of the girls is brutally she begins her first case.

The choice of location for her interview with the ex-Foreign Office representative was a difficult one. Eventually he had suggested the Lyons Tea Rooms located in the heart of the shopping district if the Compound.

The following interview with Miss Maliha Anderson was conducted on the day she left for South Africa. At the time she gave no indication that she would not return but it has been a year and there has been nothing except rumours of her whereabouts.

This year I've written about 330,000 words even if I didn't meet my target of 12 books published. That's quite a lot of words.

Under the Burning Clouds

1909: Maliha Anderson is rather surprised to find she is alive after being thrown out of the voidship by Valentine, her fiancé.

Thunder Over the Grass

1909. Maliha Anderson heads to South Africa to return Riette's daughter to her grandparents.

Broken Vows

A tragic action-romance featuring Barbara Flynn, fifty years before the events of the Maliha Anderson series

Wind in the East

When someone commits suicide in the middle of an Indian wedding ceremony, Maliha Anderson decides she has to investigate.

Maliha Anderson Mysteries (Volume 1)

Get books one to three of the Maliha Anderson Mysteries together in one volume.

So we're almost two weeks into NaNoWriMo and I have written just over 21,000 words of the fourth Maliha Anderson book (the target is 50,000 by the end of November). As previously mentioned I do like a deadline.