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The Writing Process Blog Tour

The Writing Process Blog Tour

Mark Lingane from Mark, My Words asked me to be a part of the Writing Process Blog 'tag' Tour. Mark asked me these four questions. I hope it lends some insight into my process.

1) What am I working on?
My main work is the third in the Maliha Anderson steampunk murder mystery series Halo Round the Moon which I'm over halfway through now. In addition I'm working with an illustrator on a comic book, and with someone else to create a table-top role-playing game scenarios of the murder mysteries. Plus there's a free story I'm serialising which is available to people who subscribe to my newsletter.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I have cultural diversity: most steampunk is centred around England with Caucasian protagonists, mine is mostly set in India with an Anglo-Indian protagonist (the serialised story has a Chinese protagonist). In addition a lot of steampunk has supernatural and magical content, I don't do that in these stories either. (Although I have a fantasy series that is focused around magic.) My stories also deal with racism, sexism and LGBT issues - though just for clarification I'm heteronormative and did not have a difficult childhood.

Lots of steampunk has romance as well - me too.

3) Why do I write what I do?
Because these are the stories I need to tell.
4) How does my writing process work?
I'm somewhere between a planner and a pantser. I do plan (and with a murder mystery that's quite important) but for all stories I know how the story starts, I always know how the climactic end scene will play out, and I know many of the major scenes and characters.But I don't necessarily know exactly how they get from A to Z, I let that develop as I write. I always end up with characters I wasn't expecting and events I had not planned.

Who's up next?

Next up on the tag is a great writer. Up on May 11.

Jillian Ashe

Jillian Ashe lives and works in San Diego, California. While writing the Wolfegang series she attends University in pursuit of a Masters degree followed by a Doctorate in English and Creative Writing. She has been writing since age twelve and even wrote a few pieces for The La Jolla Light Newspaper. Her other hobby is to work in the film industry. Jillian’s favorite show is currently Game of Thrones. She loves makeup, Steampunk, making her own costumes when she has the time, and geeking out about Disney on a regular basis.

Jillian is working on finishing the Wolfegang series, and has a dark fairy tale series in the works called the Rose Chronicles. Kick-ass female protagonists is her favorite thing to write about, regardless of genre. She loves her readers, so feel free to contact her!

Jillian doesn't have a blog just yet but you can follow her on Twitter @JillianAshe.

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