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Nine things (some people) wonder about other writers...

Nine things (some people) wonder about other writers...

I'm doing this because someone asked me to. I suppose it's revealing in some ways, but unfortunately many of the questions simply don't apply to me, from my viewpoint.

Do you share your work with your partner or spouse? Does it matter if it’s been published yet?

My wife is a trained and very experienced editor. She reads a lot of what I write but she's also very busy so, while I value her opinion, I don't like to press her to read what I've written.

How much of your family and/or closest “friends in real life first” read your stuff…let alone give you feedback about it?

My wife, my parents, one of my sisters. One person I know at work. That's about it really.

What do you do with the pieces that continually get rejected, post on your blog? Trash? When do you know it’s time to let it go?

I am never rejected.

Are there pieces you write for one very specific place that, once rejected, you just let go of, or do you rework into something else?

No, so no. I sometimes consider doing that but then I don't.

What is your main source of reading-based inspiration (especially you essayists)? Blogs? Magazines? Journals? Anthologies? Book of essays by one writer?

I'm not entirely sure I'm ever "inspired" the way people seem to mean it. I just decide what I want to write and then write it. I do have a list of ideas that I haven't got round to yet.

What tends to spark ideas more for you: what you see/hear in daily life or what you read?

My own ideas spark more ideas... I suppose it started somewhere but I have no idea where or when.

My steampunk world originated in a webseries script, which I wrote as an adaptation of another script which was a contemporary SF thriller - but boring. That came from a decision to make a web series with a director. I was working with the director because I wrote some scripts he read and liked.

I started scriptwriting because I thought it would be great to have a UK TV series that had the feel of Buffy but without any supernatural.

Who have you read in the past year or two that you feel is completely brilliant but so underappreciated?

Katy O'Dowd for her book "The Lady Astronomer" and for the ones she writes with her father like "The Scarlet Ribbon"

Without listing anything written by Dani Shapiro, Anne Lamott, Lee Gutkind, or Natalie Goldberg, what craft books are “must haves”?

Who? Never even heard of them. I come from a screenwriting background and the only books I recommend are ones related to screenwriting. And the only one of those that provides tools for both writing movies and books is "Writing a Great Movie" by Jeff Kitchen. It contains excellent tools for developing stories.

Have you ever regretted having something published? Was it because of the content or the actual writing style/syntax?

No. I regret nothing. I follow this mantra: "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrows."

And that's the end of that.

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