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Murder out of the Blue - available free

Murder out of the Blue - available free

So, here's the deal:

I've made Murder out of the Blue free on Story Cartel.

The idea of Story Cartel is that, if you sign up (for free), you can download the book, read it and then provide an honest review.

Obviously, I hope you'll enjoy it and write a good review, but if you think it's a pile of poo, then you can say that.

The book is only available for a short time and is downloadable either in Kindle format, or straight PDF which every reader, tablet and PC can manage.

In case you're wondering whether it's worth it, here's what some other reviewers have said:

Running at a mere 84 pages, there's still plenty of time to be engaged and intrigued by the characters (and there is clearly more to Maliha Anderson than we get to see here; with scope for development in further stories, I am sure); and time to be taken aback by at least one good twist that I didn't see coming. ~ Ed Fleetwood

There is so much that is good about this book. On a technical level it is very well written. The prose is elegant, crisp and error free, which makes it a pleasure to read. The mystery takes center stage allowing the steampunk elements to become the setting. To me, this is how genre books should be written. ~ Mark Lingane

A mystery must be just that: a mystery. If the murderer is clear from the outset and the reader is left screaming at the bumbling protagonist, then it loses that enjoyment. That was far from the case here. There were carefully placed little hints throughout, with twists and surprises to throw the focus elsewhere. It all came together in a fantastic finale that maintained that spirit and tone very successfully. ~ Shen Hart (

I adjusted surprisingly quickly to the slightly surreal combination of "what if" technology, depiction of Edwardian life and a familiar literary genre - the "Whodunnit". The limited cast and location give the reader a fair chance to figure out the murderer but it's not a cinch. Acerbic observations on human character, behaviour and the mores of the time add depth. ~ Susan Harrison

I hope your experience is the same (none of those people are my relations, by the way).

What now? Go to the Story Cartel website, sign up, get the book, read it, and review it (on Amazon, or Goodreads).

Receive my thanks.

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