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I Am Writer - Hear Me Narrate!

I Am Writer - Hear Me Narrate!

I've been serialising a story called Journey into Space as part of the #saturdayscenes initiative over on G+ (the only social network I use extensively). And some other writers have been doing readings from their work and I thought, why not?

So I did. This is episode 1 and it's just under 6 minutes long.

Journey into Space ep 1

What tech did I use? Skype headset, Audacity (free), and SoundCloud. It took me an hour including the editing. Audacity is incredibly easy to use and has a noise removal facility to kill any constant background noise (like the humming of the computer fan).

Works in Progress

Battle Dragon

60000 of 60000 words


Heretic Dragon

70000 of 70000 words


The Taliesin Affair

107000 of 99000 words