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Gender identity and me

Gender identity and me

Anyone who knows anything about my writing will be aware I write female-led stories.

Of every screenplay and novel I've ever written the number that had male leads could be counted on the fingers of one hand - even if I had only three fingers on that hand. And one of those stories is the completely unpublishable first novel from when I was 15. Some stories are ensembles but even those are female-led.

None of my female characters are men in disguise - well, being literal that's not true because Amita is trans, but you know what I mean. They are women and girls. Only one is kick-ass and that's because it's appropriate to the story.

I have a problem with writers who say they can't write characters of a gender other than their own because it implies they think that the "other" is somehow, fundamentally, different. But as George R R Martin said, when it was pointed out that he wrote genuine female characters: "I've always considered women to be people."

Which is the whole point. Along with Joss Whedon's response to "Why do you keep writing female characters?" "Because you're still asking me that question."

I may have given the impression that male characters might find it difficult finding their way into my stories. That might even be true, but I have a fair number and they are real too.

My stories do have male characters as well, of course, but male is easy so there's no point discussing them any further.

Okay so that's male and female but what about the others? I write those too, with the same equanimity as the others - trans, gay, lesbian. Yes, there are a few categories missing as yet, but I do have a gender-fluid character - which is what sparked this blog-post because somebody mentioned on Twitter that I do.

But I don't identify myself as an LGBT writer, I just write stories that contain characters with a variety of genders.

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